Hit me on Insta Milla Jojovovovich

I don’t want to bust Chelease’s tits too much because she’s helping me out.  I think that she’s at least 65% full of crap.  How can someone make a living as a monster hunter?  I feel like I’ve been around and this is the only monster I’ve encountered.  She reminds me of Bernal the alleged witchhunter in that way. 

Blah blah humans are the real monsters, you know what I mean.   

Even if there were enough monsters to support a monster hunting economy how do you find and hire and pay a monster hunter?  Is there an app for that?  I tried to ask her how it works without sounding like a bitch.  I must have failed because she clammed up.   

Could either be because she is full of crap or because she wants to protect her business.  Or some other reason I can’t think of.  Her clothes seem pretty nice and she has a new car so she must be making money with whatever she’s doing.   

To change the subject I told her my theory that magic people are either super old or from a magic family.  Which I guess is the same thing now that I think about it.  She said that she might be from a magic family but she didn’t know because she was raised by a cult that murdered her parents.  So that’s something we have in common, the orphan part I mean, not he murder cult part.

She had this to say about that –

“What nobody thinks about is that when you grow up in a cult it’s all normal to you.  You assume what you’re doing is that everyone’s life is like.  There was no TV or anything so I didn’t know any different.  Then one day a bunch of guys in FBI windbreakers bust in and shoot or arrest everyone you know.  Doesn’t feel like you’re being rescued I can tell you.” 

This cult thought she was special because she was born with six fingers on both hands and six toes on each foot.  I guess they were right because she can do magic.  Something important was supposed to happen on her 14th birthday but she was never sure if she was the one that was going to be sacrificed or if she was going to have to blood magic murder someone else.   

So yeah, good thing the FBI showed up.  I get her meaning though.

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