Jake Gyllenhaal gets it

I asked Chelease if she had every dealt with bug spirits that I keep encountering.  Or if there was anything about them in her book.  She asked me if I meant a Jorōgumo.  According to her those are  colossal spiders that turns into a sexy lady to kill dudes.   

I pointed out Chelease that an awful lot of supposed monsters in her book that turn into sexy ladies.  See what I was doing I was implying that horny dudes had made them up.  You know, being a jerk to someone who’s helping me out.

“What better bait could there be to lure men into a deathtrap than sex?”  was her reply.

Great point.   

I asked her if she ever actually saw a Jorōgumo or if that was just in her book.  I can tell she’s getting annoyed with me doubting her book.  She didn’t answer me either though.

I found a page the Monstronomicon that Dennis “Scrap Iron” Ray wrote about werewolves.  When I saw that my first thought was “oh shit, this means this book is real!”  Which is stupid.  One bullshit source doesn’t validate another. 

Then I thought “well Eterno was possessed by an evil spirit . . . or something” but that doesn’t mean anything Dennis said was true.  I don’t even know for sure that Eterno killed him.  Or if he did that it has anything to do with magic or werewolves.  People involved in the drug trade manage to get themselves killed all the time without any magic involved. 

I realized that it doesn’t matter.  Either Chelease can help or she can’t.  Maybe some of the stuff in the book is real and some of it isn’t, but who knows in what ratio of real to bullshit.  I asked her if she had ever seen a werewolf.  Before I could say anything else she showed me a video on her phone. 

It looked like security camera footage from a parking lot.  A tow truck pulls up and does tow truck stuff to a car for a long time.  Then a werewolf runs up and attacks the guy.  There’s no other way to describe it.  A huge wolf-man runs up and slams the other guy into the truck so hard it moves the whole thing.  And then it bites the back of the guy’s head off. 

That takes like 2 seconds.  Then the werewolf runs off and another guy comes into frame with glowing magic hands like he was chasing the werewolf away.  A guy in a tux.  You see him for barely a second and then the camera goes dead.   

“That’s real?” I asked.   

“Looks pretty real to me.” 

“So you don’t know who these people are or what’s going on?” She shook her head “So it could be from a movie or something?  Effects can look pretty real.” 

“Can they?” 

I get what she means.  People talk about cool effects in movie looking real but they never are, they’re just cool.  Bad effects look unreal but good effects don’t look real, they just don’t look fake. 

It makes sense.

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