We win when our sellers succeed

I met Milham’s friend Chelease at the Beach Club in Friant.  It’s an outdoor joint with great chicken wraps, good milkshakes, and crappy BBQ.  I give it four stars.   

I thought Milham had said her name was Chelsea but I was wrong because her name is Chelease.  She looks a lot like Betsy.  Or maybe I only think that because she’s skinny and has the same hair color.  I don’t mean to be whatever to my own gender sometimes other women look frail to me.  Like their bones are going to snap if they lift anything heavy.   

I thanked Chelease for meeting me and yada yada and then told her about the Devil Otter of Converse Ferry.  She nodded and said that she had a spell that she thought would work.  I was surprised she had an answer at the ready.   

“Well we won’t know for sure until we get out there but I used the same spell on a wihwin so I think it should work here too.” 

Before I could ask what a wihwin is she pulled a giant old book out of her bag and slapped it down on the table with a bang.  That drew a few mean looks but she didn’t seem to care, she was flipping to the page she wanted.  The book was a funky mish-mash of giant pages with gold outlines that looked like pieces of art, crumpled spiral notebook pages, various napkins and paper torn out of other books, and a piece of friggin bark.   

She patted the book like a pet and called it the “monstronomicon”. 

“Like from that movie? I asked. 

She halfway shrugged “That’s what I call it, the cover had already fallen off when I got it so I don’t know the real name.” 

“Got it from who?” 


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