Hello again

A guy wants to sell me the Last Supper.  The painting.  How can you buy a mural?  This isn’t the mural, this is the painting Leonardo Da Vinci did first to figure out how to do the mural.  Why haven’t you heard of this painting?  Because it was destroyed hundreds of years ago. 

Or it would have been if a time traveling wizard hadn’t saved it and gave it to lst.pics to thank him for helping him out with a time travel mission.  lst.pics thought that I would be interested in this painting because “it’s very magic because of the time shift”.  Mr. pics didn’t offer them to me but I see that he also has a ton of 8x12s of the porn star Riley Reid available on his website for 8 bucks. 

Why would anyone want an un-autographed picture of a porn star?

In Wichita Falls a fan came out of the crowd, ripped off his shirt and squared up to Komodo D for half a second before running away.  It was funny.  No punches thrown, just squared up and then fucking bolted.  I’ve never seen anyone take off their shirt to fight and then run. 

In Colby “Sweet Slaughter” Bill Bulton and “Super Dick” Slater Murdoch threw hands backstage because of an escalating argument centered around where pubic hair ends and proper pube shaving etiquette.  Sweet Slaughter was very upset that he may have touched another man’s pubic hair.  I know where mine is but it’s harder with guys because of the stomach hair.  Another double standard against men.  They really have it rough.

I stopped in Needles and left the Hula Jesus at Porky’s BBQ, home of the best barbecue on Route 66.  

I took a booking with Promociones Guitérrez without realizing that it was the same place I worked 4 years ago in Laredo.  The one that sent me across the border where I met Obaluaiye and found out about magic. 

Working for them again was bizarre and a little sad.  I try to keep things on the level but after the show I was sitting in my car with a couple beers thinking about what my life would be like if I hadn’t learned about magic.  I’d just be a wrestler.  That doesn’t seem right. 

I can’t imagine being anything else other than what I am. 

I work crap venues.  I save the world.  That’s Amazing Grace.


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