Rumor round-up

When I got back to the Rook it was closed.  Milham was nowhere to be found.  Since he’s one of my only sources of magic knowledge I would have liked to talked with him about what I had done.  Get some feedback. 

It’s probably good that life is like this.  One day you do something really great and the next day you’re just you.  People that get too many highs probably have issues just like people with too many lows.  Keep it on the level.  That’s what I’m going to start always saying. 

Couple clean-up items.  If I ever have a dream about turning into a man again I’m keeping that shit to myself.  I got so many comments about transitioning and other weird stuff.  Not that I’m anti-trans, but it was weird stuff.  I think you know what I mean. 

First, I don’t know any such spell.  It was a dream.  Second, I love being a woman.  I have zero desire to be a man.  It seems awful. 

And yes, I did listen to an erotic book.  I still go on dating apps sometimes just to see what’s out there.  I haven’t contact anyone or met up with anyone.  I don’t know if I ever will.  I suppose that makes me one of those stuck up tease bitches I always hear about. 

I thought just to dip my toe into that world a little bit I’d listen to some erotica.  I knew I couldn’t stomach the straight stuff so I went to the horror erotica category because that’s a thing. 

It was very rapey.  Most of the stories involved a monster with a dong the size of a baseball bat giving it to someone against their will.  At first.  Once that laughably large monster cock was all up in their guts they loved it. 

I wondered for a while if that was not good.  For the world.  Does that send a message to someone that you should just go for it because once you start laying the wood to someone they’ll change their minds?  The author’s a woman though so she must know what she’s doing. 

I did get one helpful comment.  Someone said that the next time I reveal magic to someone and they ask how they’re supposed to live now I should say “This experience will force you to adapt. You are no longer the same person, and the course of your life will change as a result. Where that new course leads is up to you.”

I think it’s from one of those stupid Space War movies but it’s still a good thing to say.

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