The computer is your friend, happiness is mandatory

I’m having technical issues so no Ela post today.

I noticed that my canned soups say to open from the bottom. Why is the bottom different? And how? And what? It’s implied that it will cut me less.

When I login to wordpress it always sends me to the old Ela site. How do I change that? I’ve googled it a MILLION times. LITERALLY.


  1. I have no idea how to use WordPress. I also had no idea that canned soup was ever supposed to be opened from the bottom. I have never seen anyone open a can that way, either. I have seen a big shift toward pull tab soup cans in recent years though.

  2. My soup cans have a tab to pop them on top. Must be fancy soup.

    If you’re hosted on, I think you need to go to your account profile, Account Settings, and change your “primary site”. I only have one site, so I’m not positive.

      1. Glad to help, semi-parasocially-acquainted internet writing bud.

        If there’s one thing I’ve learned from years of professional software dev, it’s how to guess at the fix for a problem I can’t repro in a product I only kind of understand.

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