Three times you will deny me

If Dany had a witch power that could drag me back to Iowa City I think she would have used them.  Once she realized I was gone she was blowing me up with texts and calls.  Ruth and I slipped away while she and Daniel were having a moment. 

I don’t hate emotions or think they’re gross.  I’m not one of those people.  They’re just not my thing.  It’s a lot to deal with.  Maybe I can get a mysterious stranger gimmick going.  Do a good deed and then just disappear mysteriously.  For that to catch on I need to get better at good deeds. 

I was thinking “well now how are going to get back?” but Ruth had it covered.  We walked a couple miles, which can’t have been fun in those heels of hers, to a rec center where she pulled a tarp of a ‘76 Cadillac Castilian Fleetwood Estate Wagon and tossed me the keys. 

“Just leave it at Bob and Sid’s Auto Emporium when you get back to Lafayette” she told me. 

When I asked her how she knew we were going to be there she said “I didn’t”.  When I asked her if she would arrange for me to speak with the Hawkeye State witchkillers she refused.  She said she wasn’t going to take the chance that I was out for revenge. 

They’re the ones that tried to kill me

“You’re kind of a bitch aren’t you?” I asked her.

“Yeah” she said and drove away on a motorcycle I never even saw her get on.  She was just on it.  You ever see a woman in a lady business suit on a motorcycle?  It’s cool as fuck. 

I did stop and answer Dany around Sikeston.  I told her that she was making me uncomfortable by thanking me so much she so instead asked me what she should do with the truck.  I told her it was all hers if she wanted it.  I don’t think anyone was going to be looking for it.

“That’s like an $80,000 truck” she said. 

I told her to Venmo me my half if she manages to sell it.

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