Life Is Precious And God And The Bible 

I tried my finding spell to locate Joanne’s spell recipes.  Didn’t work.  Could be that she warded her notes.  Or she lied and they never existed.  Or maybe I didn’t do it right.  Sometimes I think I’m getting really good at that finding spell.  Sometimes I think I suck at it.  How can I figure out which?  

What I would like is error messages for magic.  Your spell has failed, error code 443-1 object not found because an evil old lady lied and there was no spell.  

The internet says that when someone dies with no heirs all their stuff goes to the state.  What does that mean?  I need to make friends with an estate lawyer.  That will be easy because I’m great at making friends.  

Does a government agent shows up at the nursing home and boxes up all the stuff and does what with it?  What does the government want a bunch of boxes of old crap for?   Do they just throw it all away?  Do they sell it?  If Joanne does have spells in her personal effects what happens to them?  

Should I show up at her funeral, which should have no one at it because he has no heirs, and ask the funeral director for her book of magic spells?  And if so how to get out of the psych ward afterwards?  Do they just put hers stuff in the cremation tube with her? 

That’s what I would want if I cared about possessions.  Don’t touch my stuff!

I watched Martynova on Supreme Athlete.  Before she did some stupid basketball trampoline kickboxing challenge she turned to camera and said “I must break you”.  Her real accent isn’t that think but she knows how to work it.   That line is from an old movie about a super-soldier Russian boxer who kills Apollo Creed.  People loved it, I’m seeing her in memes all over the place.   That’s awesome.   I’m happy for her.

If this show is a legit competition I think Martynova has a chance to win.  She’s a machine.  Especially for a smoker.  If they had a smoking division she’s clean up. 

If it’s a reality competition my money is on Booby McBooby or the lady who wears an American flag outfit and praises Jesus all the time.  

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