Princess Pukearella needs to lie

I’m feeling so sick I cancelled my next few shows.  I’ve just lying in a room at the Royal Tropic Park Motel wasting money.  

I’ve heard wrestling described as a treadmill.  Which doesn’t make sense because it’s very easy to get off a treadmill.  You have to work to stay ON a treadmill.  You can get off any time you want.

Wrestling is more like clutching onto a rope hanging over a burning pit of fire and alligators.  You can climb up the rope all you want but you’re still over the pit at the end of the day.  Every time you get tired and loosen your grip you fall closer to the pit.  

When I got out of the shower I saw Joanne watching me through the mirror just like Eterno did once before.  Could be a hallucination but more likely she’s using magic to keep tabs on me while she throws hexes on my head. 

I hope she enjoyed seeing my naked body.   Ooh-la-la.

That’s the problem with magic.  One problem with magic I mean.  If you see something like an evil old lady looking at you through a mirror how do you know if you’re really seeing what you’re seeing or if you’re insane?  I need to learn how to assense.  That’s a task for a day when I can go more than 4 hours without puking.  

I should have lied to that old fucker and told her that I would do her revenge killing.  Then, I should have lied and told her that I did do it.  How the hell would she know?  Then I’d have the spells I want and she wouldn’t be messing with me.

I need to learn to lie more.  What’s the old saying?  Never tell the truth when a lie will do?  

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