That is one of your more admirably deplorable traits

If you want to make a career as wrestler you have to be really hurt to make it okay to miss a show.  Really, really hurt.  And it’s not even okay when you are really really hurt because if that happens twice then you get a rep as being injury prone.  No one wants to book a weak baby whose stupid legs break all the time.  How can you be sure you won’t get hurt before their show?  

Missing a show for a reason as simple as being sick is out of the question.  Missing a show because you’re wasted is fine.  Because obviously everyone’s going to do that.  

A disturbing number of wrestlers have stories about shitting themselves in the ring.  Some of them treat it a gross badge of honor.  I was so sick I shit myself but I still went out there because I’m a warrior!  I’m sure the guy who had to clean up the ring was less honored.  

I didn’t shit myself in the ring but it was close.  The last few days I’ve been bloated and nauseous, bad fever, headache, vomiting, tiredness, the whole enchilada.   It feels very much like what TAG did to me with her curse.  I think that fucker Joanne put a hex on me because I didn’t agree to commit murder for her.  I tried my cleansing spell a couple times but it doesn’t do anything.

She said he hadn’t cast a spell since before I was born.  Was she lying or has she picked it up again just to fuck with me?

I feel bad enough that it’s almost motivation enough to make me look in Tag’s evil book of evil magic shit.  Nothing could go wrong with that.  I should figure out how to destroy the growing collection of evil books I have stored in Royale’s trunk.  Maybe I can get booked on a show in Hawaii and throw them in a volcano.  Even if that doesn’t burn them up nobody could get them.

Since Joanne is an old lady it would be wrong for me to go back to the nursing home and roundhouse her in the face because it’s not a “fair fight”.  But she’s more powerful than me magically.  How does morality account for that?

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