Crombey Farms

If I assume that some the Crombey Farms people were mages and Chubby learned his blood magic insect murder powers from them before they were massacred a decade later does that help me?

There is a lot of crap online about the Crombey Farms murders.  Some people try to link it to the Kennedy assassination.  Another faction claims the murders are associated with the Manson family even though the timeline doesn’t match up.  Some throw Son of Sam in there.  All of these conspiracy people claim the victims or the murderers or both were involved in Satan worship and “the occult”.  

I spent hours going down that rabbit hole and what good did it do me?  That must be the reason cold cases are so hard to crack unless you’re a pretty blonde lady on basic cable.  How am I supposed to figure out what happened 70 years ago?  Especially when that shit was something they were trying to keep secret at the time?

I had 90% decided to give up on the investigation when I saw that Chubby O’Sullivan’s wife is still alive.  I called the nursing home she’s in and they said I could come visit her any time.  They didn’t even ask if I was a relative.  As far as I can tell they didn’t bother to ask her if she wanted me to come visit.  

Next stop, Clear Lake Iowa.  

The good news is that I’ll be going alone.  Huck and Larry are going to stay at Crombey farms and do whatever unskilled laborers do with regenerative tree-range chickens.  In some ways it was nice having them with me.  They certainly did more to help me than I ever could have expected, but I need to be alone now.  I need to be my head right for this next part.

They were weird about staying behind, like they thought they were letting me down.  I did as best I could to tell them it was more than fine but it didn’t really land.  Probably they aren’t as blasé about being exposed to magic and everything they saw as they seem.  How could they be? 

We did what people do who want to avoid any emotions.  We went out drinking and when the bar closed we sat in the car drinking some more.  I got drunk enough to ask them if they were a couple or what because I had never seen them kiss or anything like that.  

They looked at each other and then back at me and laughed so hard they had to jump out of the car to narrowly avoid pissing themselves. 

Guess not. 

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