The sin eaters

Someone commented that no one with friends is a failure.  I know you were trying to make me feel better but that’s wrong.  Lots of failures have friends.  Lots of horrible evil people have friends that love them and defend them to the death. 

What’s the point of magic if you can never save anyone?  Maybe I should watch one of those stupid superhero movies.  I bet they have a scene where the guy with the sweet ass faces some minor setback and gives himself a melodramatic pep talk and then fights on even though a billion people just died. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about how Christie Lane did what he did.  Not just pulling the bugs out of people into himself but killing them in the process.   

I think part of the reason he was so sick is not just because he was putting the bug spirit in himself.  I think what he was doing was turning himself into a trap.  Maybe he was making himself into a toxic spiritual environment so when he pulled the bug spirit into himself it was somewhere it couldn’t live.   Maybe he turned himself into poison.

I read online that people used to believe in guys called Sin-Eaters.  When someone died the Sin Eater would prepare and eat a special meal to absorb the sins of the dead person so they wouldn’t suffer in the afterlife.  Everyone hated them and treated them like crap because they were full of sin. 

Could that somehow be related to what Christine Lane was doing?  Is that a real thing?

I should have looked into this more when I first met him.  How the fuck did an old comedian from the 70’s end with up with this power?  I’m so used to magic not having any answers that I let it go.  I do that all the fucking time.    

I can’t let that happen anymore.  I have to find out how it works.  What happened here can’t happen again.  It never occurred to me that someone would do this without being tricked or being an utter asshole. I found out that people can make a deal with the devil.   

I’m going to start with Christie’s girlfriend.  She may not know anything directly about it but she’ll be able to give me something.   

She has to. 

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