Sick of failure

The next day when we were as sure as we were going to be that there was no one else around we stormed the house.  She was waiting for us.  When her minions didn’t come back she must have known something was up.   

I went first hoping my wards would protect me.  They stood up to whatever magic she threw at me.  Thank you once more Mr. Petticord, RIP.  After that it wasn’t much of a fight.  Once she was restrained I cast the spell.  I don’t know what I would have done if it hadn’t worked.  Which it didn’t actually, but we’ll get to that.   

Patient zero didn’t look well.  Even for someone who had been possessed by an inspect spirit for however many weeks or months.  She was lumpy, like her fat or muscle had come unattached.  She looked all washed out like a ghost in a horror movie.

She apologized.  She said she had made a deal.  Give me the power to heal my daughter and then you can have me.  She knew it was wrong and other people would get hurt but she did it anyway.  The bugs don’t tell you what they’re going to do but she said that knew what it was and what it would do.   

She told her husband that she was going to cure their daughter and then after she did that he needed to take their little girl and go away and not tell her where they were and never contact her again.  And he did it.  I don’t know how it went down but he did it.   

I don’t always believe in love, even though I’ve seen it, but that’s love.  She said to him what I’m going to ask of you makes no sense but this is how it has to be and I need you do it.  He made himself do it.   

She said that the bug spirit would be back.  When I tossed it out it was just waiting nearby and nothing could keep it out for long.  I tried the exorcism spell I used on Eterno but it didn’t do anything. 

She gave us the names of three other people she had infected besides the guy from the Mexican restaurant.  She said that the bugs can’t survive in our world without hosts.  So there was only one thing to do.   

She’s wrong.  There is another way.  I just don’t know it.  Fuck Christine Lane for not showing me how.  Fuck him.  If there’s a hell I hope he’s there burning.   

Fuck me for not making him tell me.  Fuck me for not learning more.   

Larry said he would do it.  He couldn’t.  In the end we didn’t have to. 

She took care of it herself.

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