It’s much easier to stake-out a bug wizard hive/single family home with three people than it is alone.  There’s more rankness but it’s a small price to pay for having someone that can go grab coffee and fried chicken while you keep watch. 

A Chevy Silverado pulled up the house with the two people Barbie had told us about.  One of them looked like an older fellow.  The other looked like that guy from the insurance commercials.  Even had a red polo on.  

They left a couple hours later and we tailed them.  I wasn’t keen on taking them both on at the same time.  Even with 42561’s spells for physical awesomeness I can’t match them straight up it seems.  But we had a plan.  Sort of. 

The night manager at the hotel sold us an old revolver for 50 bucks.  He also hooked us up with a sketchy pawn shop guy who traded us a grenade for the laptop.  When I asked him how the fuck he had a grenade he claimed that National Guard guys sign them out at the time to throw at the range and then just pocket them. 


I still wanted to try and take them one at a time so we tailed them for a while looking for an opening.  We went head anyone when it looked like they were following a kid on a bike down a gravel road.   We moved in before anything could happen.  I mean anything other than me throwing a grenade in the window of their car. 

My theory was that between insect-toughness and my healing spells after the fact a grenade to the face would hurt them bad enough to incapacitate without killing them.  One of them did manifest insect-jaws and took a chunk of my leg and Larry did have to keep one of them occupied by shooting them six times, but otherwise I was right.  It’s nice to know that that can happen once in a while.

After I cast the bug spirits out of them we just them left them there to be confused.  I have nothing to offer really so it seemed better that way.

It would have been best if we could have gone back to the house that moment and finished the job but I didn’t have it in me.  I was magically tapped out.  And if we’re being honest I was scared about going in there with just Huck and Larry for back up. 

They had done great so far.  I shouldn’t have been surprised.  I’ve seen that look in their eyes.  Sad familiarity with violence.  They weren’t trained and they weren’t particularly good at fighting, but they weren’t scared of it.  If there’s anything good about coming up hard it’s that you may not piss your pants when shit goes down. 

I knew what was coming was going to be a lot worse than anything they had seen so far.

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