There’s an old show called Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I don’t get many comments but half of them are references to that show.   

I’ve never watched it.  Partly out of pointless spite.  I can’t explain why but all those comments make me not watch to watch it.  Mostly though because it’s an old show that I don’t think I’d like.  It’s no Law & Order I’m sure.   

People who were around in the 90’s love that show.  They love it so much they pick it apart and criticize it mercilessly.  That’s something I’ve learned from wrestling, the bigger a fan someone is of something the more they hate everything about it.  I can’t explain it how it works but look at any wrestling website and you’ll see what I mean.   

A complaint these superfans have is that Buffy the Vampire Hunter hardly ever hunts vampires.  One week it’s a mummy, the next week a kid turns into a fish monster, then there’s a demon, then aliens, etc.  The defense of this is that if Buffy was fighting a vampire every week then vampires would look like jobbers.  The more you use a monster the less scary they are.  If Buffy’s killed 50 vampires why would you think she’d have and problems with vampire #51?  Where’s the drama in that story? Boring.

Wrestling has the same problem.  If you want to build up your new kid Jimmy Powerbomb having him beat Sloppy Joe the guy who always loses does no good.   

What I realized is that while this may be bad writing, it’s true to life.  Every time you deal with something it should get easier.  You’ve learned from the last time you had to deal with it.  You’re more informed and should be more prepared.   

The first time I met the bugs I had no clue what was going on.  42561 and I almost died.  The second time Christie gave me more information and we almost only died a little.  The third time wasn’t a cakewalk but it was much easier, I never felt like I was going to die. 

In theory this time should be even easier.  I know more, I have more experience, and I have more people on my side.   

We’ll see how it plays out. 


  1. The real moral of Buffy seems to be that vampire blood sucking is not that much of a threat. The real danger of vampires is that they’ll trap you in a series of bad relationships.

  2. I never wanted to / tried to get into the Buffy the TV series. I always felt like the movie with Kristy Swanson had probably said all that the franchise really needed to say to me. I have also always kind of irrationally disliked Sarah Michelle Gellar.

      1. I reviewed it a couple years ago and still mostly enjoyed it. The cast is great – Donald Sutherland, Luke Perry, Paul Reubens, Rutger Hauer.

        As far as remembering the movie, I think the main thing that people seem to remember (anecdotally) is that “how funky is your chicken” song Buffy’s cheer team performs.

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