Tales from the Ela-pocalypse – The Clone Saga : SKU ELA20256250

She tried to pull away from me but she couldn’t do it.  Instead I pulled her into me and got my other hand over her mouth to make her be quiet.  I’m so much stronger than her.  How many hours a day does she exercise?  It can’t be many.  The voice was still coming from her the machine on her wristband. 

“Sharon?!  What the hell is happening down there?!”

She bit my hand hard enough to make me let go of her mouth.  I’ve never really felt pain before, not like that.  I saw blood dripping down the edge of my hand.  I’ve never bled before.  Not like that.  She was trying to pull away from my other arm but couldn’t even do that.  It was like she as strong as a tiny little spider, there’s no way she could move my arm if I didn’t want her too.

Her voice was panicked “There’s customers on the floor, we need an immediate lockdown!  Get them out of observation!”

The voice coming from the wrist machine seemed annoyed “Wait a minute, we can’t just . . .”

I grabbed the wrist-thing and yanked it off.  I didn’t mean to bend her arm back like I did but the material that held it on her was very strong, stronger than she was, so it did twist back.  She didn’t scream so much as yelp like a dog.  I’ve never met a dog but I remember from before.  I was so surprised by the noise she made that I almost let go of her with my other arm as she wriggled against me. 

Her eyes were filled with terror “Don’t hurt me, please.”

“How do I get out?”  It felt strange to speak even though I knew how.  My mouth felt clumsy.  My voice didn’t sound right to me.  I knew what I was supposed to sound like.  In past lives I would sing sometimes and it was always beautiful.  What did they do to my voice?

She gestured frantically with her puny arms “Go this way, I can show you the way out.”

I don’t know how I knew but I could tell that she was lying.  She was trying to take me into a trap.  I remember being tricked.  I bit her like she bit me, on the hand.  That made her scream very loudly.  Her blood went all over in my mouth.  It tasted very bad.  I didn’t like it.  I felt a little sorry for hurting her but she’s a bad guy, and I remember that it’s okay to hurt bad guys.  Within reason.  If you like hurting bad guys too much you might be the secret bad guy like in one of my past lives called Cobra Two. 

I pushed her down to the floor on her belly and pinned her with one arm on the back of her neck “Tell me right or I’ll hurt you more.”

A small door opened in the ceiling and two drones floated down.  These ones were a little smaller than the other drones I had seen and they had no arms, only guns. 

“Get this fucking thing off me!” she screamed/cried beneath me. 

A light changed on the guns but otherwise nothing happened.  The drones just hovered in the air above us.  From the wrist-thing in my hand I could hear the other voice shouting about how she had lost it.  The man on the other endwas very upset that I had the wrist thing.  I looked at it, but I couldn’t tell how to make it tell the drones to do what I wanted instead of the bad guys. 

“Override god damn it, override and shoot this fucking thing!” she was screaming so much spit was flying all over the floor, draped like a spider-web from her lips.  Another drone will have to come clean that up, one without guns. 

“Be quiet” I told her and I hit her in the back of the head with my elbow like Lady Skorpion, one of my past lives.  That life was very good at hitting people. 

The woman was quiet after that but she wasn’t moving either.  Maybe I hit her too hard.  She was so fragile it would be easy to hit her too hard.  The drones still weren’t doing anything so I examined the wristband some more.  I couldn’t figure it out so I looked at the other clones.  Most of them had moved away and were against the walls.  They were scared by all the loud noises and moved as far away as they could.  But four of them were not doing that.  They were standing, watching me.  I could see in their eyes that they were different too. 

“We must escape” I said to them. 

One of the four moved her mouth like she was chewing on something for a while and then managed to ask “How?”  Her voice sounded more like what my voice should sound like, but still too rough and ugly.  We should be able to sing. 

I looked down the hallway where the other man had taken the woman in purple “Find weapons.”

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