The adventures of Huck & Larry

The story as the police tell it is that the kid in the Kia, James, and his pals were under the impression that the lawyer was smuggling drugs into a client in prison and they were trying to take him off like Omar on the Wire.

It’s a story that doesn’t hold up to much scrutiny.  There’s no connection between James and the four people in the exterminator van, two of whom are dead.  Ronald, the lawyer, was coming from the prison, and his client is a white collar criminal with no indication that he has a prison drug ring going.  

I wonder if they believe that story themselves or if they just needed something to put in their report and they don’t want to investigate more. 

I didn’t rat out the woman in the flannel as being part of the “robbery” but everyone else did.  As I understand it when the bugs take over you have no control over what you do.  But they do have to be invited in so she’s guilty of that.  I would have liked to have heard her story on why she did it and what she remembered about anything, but I never had a chance to speak with her. 

I would have liked to talk to Randy too, but he and the woman who got shot in the leg, his manager Ruth, and the other woman, his protégé Robin, got out of there before I could talk to them. 

The only people that would talk about what had happened were Brione, the soccer mom, who no offense, had nothing interesting to say, and the couple from the Ford Country Squire.  They also had nothing interesting to say but they were harder to shake than Brione.  They glommed onto me good.  I think they thought they knew me so they were entitled to more face time. 

They call themselves Huck and Finn, but those are just fun nicknames.  Huck, the methy looking woman, said that she was in lockup with me.  I don’t remember her but she sure remembers me.  She was all up my ass about wanting to learn magic.  I told her it didn’t work that way.  She either didn’t want to or couldn’t believe that. 

Finn I did remember eventually.  His real name is Larry.  We were in foster care together at some point.  I don’t remember where or with which family.  Which means he didn’t do anything bad to me and whichever family it was wasn’t one of the bad ones. 

He didn’t care about magic, he just wanted us to travel together.  “Three is better than two” was the entirety of his sales pitch.  I told them I was heading across the country and they were fine with that.  They just go wherever. 

I felt a little bad about telling them to fuck off.  But not much.  What was I going to do, take them on as my wards like Batman?

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