We all want to cry in a bush sometimes

The soccer mom was nowhere to be found.  Until used magic and found her down in the ravine weeping in a bush.  I wish I was better at comforting people.  The best I could come up with is “Hey now, you can’t just sit here and cry into a bush lady, let’s go back up with the others.” 

By the time I dragged her back up to the bridge the guy in the suit was gone.  Which was good because he was annoying.  It was also bad because his Lexus was one of the only drivable cars. 

Even worse by this point some people from the prison showed up.  I didn’t think that would happen.  I guess someone called 911 and they contacted them?  I didn’t know corrections officers would come to a crime scene.  They’re not real law enforcement are they?

They asked what had happened and I told them that the Kia kid, his two buddies, busted legs and the two dead guys boxed us in on the bridge and then started shooting at everyone.  Kia Kid’s eyes bugged out like I had betrayed him, like we had all agreed to keep everything quiet. 

I admit that I had lost track of which guns were empty and which I put the whammy on, I thought there was maybe still one working firearm somewhere with ammo but no one tried anything.  Which is good because corrections officer don’t carry guns.  I knew that, but I did forget it for a minute. 

I’m not sure any of us actually had to do what they said, but they did have tasers so we all stuck around until the sheriff showed up.  And some other people I couldn’t tell who they were.  State police?  I can never keep it all straight with law enforcement. 

I don’t know if it was an official statement or just a conversation but one of the cops asked me why I was at the prison.  I told him I was visiting my old professor from Cornell. 

He very deliberately looked me over, making a real point of it “You went to Cornell?”

I leaned in like I was telling a secret “Yeah, it’s not as good of a school as people think.”

He nodded “Did you know there’s blood all over the back of your pants?”


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