Just the two of us

Summoning a fetch was the first magic thing I learned how to do on my 100% on own.  It’s still the only spell I worked out without any instruction that I can do well.   

I used to cast that spell all the time.  I started feeling me uneasy about it.  I stopped using it for wrestling altogether.  I’ve tried to stop using it for anything else too but I cheat on that sometimes.  Like when religious fanatics try to murder me in my sleep.   

I mentioned that I started to have dreams about the fetch killing me.  One thing I didn’t write about is that the night at some shitbag motel in Illinois I woke up to the sounds of a scuffle.  Someone had tried to break into my car and my fetch chased them away.   

I didn’t summon it.  Not consciously anyway, but it was there to protect my stuff.  That rattled me.  I had halfway convinced myself that it hadn’t really happened, that I had dreamed it.  I know now that’s bullshit. 

The reason I didn’t die on that bridge is because my fetch appeared unbidden, grabbed insect-guy #2 and threw him off me.  That’s really all it did other than stand there and attract attention.  It was enough.   

Buffalo Kebab Man did stop being an asshole long enough to teach me one thing.  He had a fancy name for the spell that sounded like a luxury scented body wash that I forget.  What it does it forcibly eject a foreign spirit that’s riding someone.  That’s a staple of necromancy he said.

While Spider-man tried to eat the fetch I used Kebab man’s spell on flannel shirt.  She dropped to the ground like she had been hit by an anvil release from a space shuttle.  I’ve never seen someone slammed to the ground that violently and that’s my whole job.   

When she was out of the picture both bug guys fell to the ground and started violently convulsing.  They turned back to normal non-bug people but the stress of the shift must have been too much because I would learn later that they were both dead.   

The big man in coveralls threw his useless gun down and came bull charging at me.  I barely had to do anything to duck under him and flip him over the side of the bridge.  It was we were doing a wrestling spot and he was supposed to fly out of the ring.  It was like he wanted to go over the side.   

I thought that was that, but I saw that the Kia kid had his pistol pointed at me.  He was bawling and screaming and carrying on about I didn’t even know what.  I stepped behind the fetch and he fired, the bullet slapping into it like a side of beef.  He pulled the trigger again but he was dry.   

Then the fetch just disappeared.  I didn’t call it.  I didn’t control it.  I didn’t make it go away. 

It just happened.

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  1. This seems fine. I don’t think there can really be any negative consequences to accidentally summoning your doppelgänger.

    And if she ever finds herself in a Fantasia situation, she doesn’t even need brooms to animate.

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