Cobra punch wasn’t a cool enough name?

The shot went wild and didn’t annihilate the soccer mom.  Which is good because I don’t need another death on conscious.  Also for other reasons.  What it did do was scare the shit out everyone. 

The driver of the Kia now also had a gun in his hand and was yelling at the exterminator.  He looked like he was a teenager on the way to work at a fast food place.  I realized at this point that I don’t actually know for how long my flash spell blinds someone.  Usually I cast that spell and either beat the blind person down or run away.  I need to learn more about these spells.

The terror of gunfire seemed to snap everyone out of shock because that’s when they realized that two people standing at the edge of the bridge were fucking bug monsters instead of normal people and started freaking out. 

I thought that Kia kid had picked up a gun one of the other two dropped but it must have been yet another gun because he started throwing shots at the bug people.  He didn’t hit anything though.  The bullets just stopped in the air Matrix style.  I should learn that spell. 

The woman in the flannel shirt had glowing with blueish green Marvel movie runes running up and down her arms as she Matrix-threw the bullets back at the Kia kid and he ducked behind the pile of cars to avoid being ventilated. 

The kid was yelling at her and the other two were yelling at him.  From what I gathered it had been a set-up of some kind but it had all gone wrong obviously.  It’s nice to know that plans going horribly wrong happens to someone other than me. 

The Presumed Randy that they were after had dropped the woman with the bullet-hole leg like a sack of crap and looked to be thinking about jumping over the side of the bridge.  It was probably 14 feet down.  A 14 foot fall is not great, but it’s doable.  The two bug guys advanced towards him with bug menace but he was still too scared to jump. 

If two bug-monsters coming at you doesn’t push you over the edge I don’t know what will.

I really wanted to know what the fuck was going on, but I decided could figure that our later.  Even though I never do.  I ran up the car-pile and launched myself at Spider-head, flying at him with a Superman punch.  Superwoman punch?  Supergirl punch?  Does Supergirl punch people?  I think she just flies around in a miniskirt. 

In whatever case it looked pretty cool I bet.

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