Only 54 shopping days until Christmas

I added a menu link to couple Amazing Grace designs on TeePublic so if you want to buy some Amazing Grace merch now you can! If you’re on the fence about making this purchase imagine being able to have this interaction –

Someone else – What’s that shirt?

You – Oh, it’s a wrestler.

Someone else – You watch wrestling ?!

You – No, it’s not a real wrestler, it’s a fictional wrestler from a blog.

Someone else – What? You read a serialized fiction blog about wrestling but you don’t even like it?

You – I mean no, not really.

Someone else – Then why are you wearing it?!

Then you can shrug and walk away.

When I first started a wordpress site I got a message about how if I got either 30,000 or 40,000 followers I would get a free merch store. Now, 2 (3?) years later I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as a wordpress merch store. Was that a very well timed and well crafted yet confusing phishing attacking? If so that has to be a very ineffective lure. If not what the heck was it?


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