Most extreme laziness challenge

On a whim (unlike everything else I do?) I decided to do another Ela Halloween story this year. Ergo, ipso facto, e pluribus, I will be suspending my other stories during October. This a record setting 4th suspension for the Ela post-apocalypse story. I should probably just end that one eh?

In the book I’m reading the main lady is a silent film star and a new guy to the movie business comes to work with her and she rips into him because he actually speaks his lines. According to her a real actor doesn’t say the lines because that takes away with from what they’re supposed to be doing, communicating with their body and their face.

I have no idea is this is a real opinion silent film people had but it got me to thinking about how weird silent filmmaking must have been. What kind of script was that?

Did they even have “full length” feature films in the silent era? I feel like I’ve only ever see things that were like a couple times. But then I’m not into silent movies. Records existed at the time? Why didn’t they have the dialog on that? I know it might be hard to sync up but it had to be better than nothing right?

I’ve heard that sound synching is actually really hard in visual media, or was 22 years ago when all my friends were taking TV and Radio classes at the community college. Since you can make a movie on your phone now it’s probably fine.

I could probably read all kinds of things about silent movies online but it’s more fun to wonder.

If nothing else it stops me from obsessing over the physics question about the bird flying into your car. I accept that the bird will stall and drop onto the seat but I can’t understand it because a bird inside the car to start with can fly in there just fine.


  1. Still holding out hope for Ela: Multiverse, where we finally get to see the Elas played by Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland in the same story.

    Oh, and one of the Elas turned into a lizard-person and Martialla had to kill her and become the Ela for that universe.

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