Tales of the Ela-pocalypse – The Clone Saga : Anon

I don’t know if this is something every cell does, if it’s in some revolutionary playbook they all sit around and read like a poetry jam, but in this cell Tiger always gives the biggest badasses the silliest codename.  I think it’s a test to see how they handle it.  I’ve seen people that resent it.  I’ve seen people that make a joke out of it, take control of it. 

Shrimp doesn’t care that he’s called Shrimp.  At all.  He doesn’t have MMI, obviously, but he doesn’t seem human to me.  Maybe Shrimp is what people are like if they have MMI installed and then they have it removed.  That’s supposed to be impossible, but then we do stuff every day that the Company says is impossible.  

Shrimp explained why the CorpSec guy’s perimeter detection wouldn’t pick up on his impact gun when he fired it, something to do with the charge of the round and the way it’s launched, but what he didn’t explain is why he just couldn’t wait until they were both dead to shoot the HR woman.  If he waited until they were both dead it wouldn’t matter if they picked up a shot.  I wasn’t going to argue with him.  I’m just the splicer, he’s the killer.  

I mean okay, I did just kill the one Security guy by reprogramming his nanos to eat him alive from the inside, but . . . that’s different.  That’s just changing some ones to zeros.  It’s not really killing someone, like not really really killing them I mean.  It’s funny, if you think about it, Shrimp is the heavy hitter in our cell theoretically but Mantis has probably killed way more people with her link than he has with his guns and knives and kung-fu grip.  That’s like ironic or something right?

Poor Neil.  One second he’s sitting on a park bench, out of his Apartment for the first time in more than a decade, with a pretty girl smiling at him, and the next second he’s covered in blood and his life is over.  Sucks for him but it has to be done.  

Another way to look at though is to ask what was the value of Neil’s life before anyway?  Not zero, but pretty close to zero.  If you want to be one of the radicals you would say that his life was worse than worthless, that by working for the Company he was actively making the world a worse place, not just ruining his own life but helping to ruin the lives of everyone else on the planet as well.  I don’t buy into that theory because how is he supposed to know any better?  But I don’t fully discount it either.  I’m not going to shed many tears over a low level debugger.  

Just like the Company.  

That’s definitely some kind of ironicness. 

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