I should have known better

I’ve never taken a firearms safety course.  There’s probably not a part of the class where they discuss suddenly being struck blind.  Still, I feel like most people could figure out that if you suddenly can’t see throwing shots at random isn’t a good idea.

That’s what they did though.  I cast a blinding flash at the two guys with guns, accidentally blinding the driver of the Kia and some guy in a suit too.  I’ve never had that situation come up before.  I should work on that spell and see if I can get it to only blind who I target.

I was yelling/waving for everyone else to get out of there when blind guy #1 started shooting.  By fucking dumb luck he shot a short lady who got out of the Cherokee through the calf.  She went down with a scream and I hit his gun with a malfunction spell as he pointed towards the scream and CLICK CLICK CLICKED at her.  That’s attempted murder right there.

Then the other dickhead started shooting.  I magic bricked his gun too, meth girl and small coat were standing there gawking at me like they were kids and I was doing a magic show. 

Things were chaotic for a moment.  The two guys that got out of the car with her grabbed the woman who had been shot and started half-dragging half quickstepping her away from the shooters while the other blind kid was yelling at them to stop shooting.  The guy in the suit ran blindly and slammed into the guardrail of the bridge.

I went back to soccer mom and started healing her.  Meth girl was pulling at small-coats small coat excitedly.

“That’s her!  That’s the woman from jail, the Muslim!” she exclaimed.

“Frieda is a Muslim now?” her friend said back to her in confusion.

“What’s happening?” the soccer mom added when she was healed enough to be confused.

As I helped her down off the hood of the car I saw that from the other end of the bridge that a big green van had pulled up with a picture of a giant dead rat on the side.  The guy that got out of the driver’s seat was a legit 6’4 and was squeezed into his exterminator’s jumpsuit but he looked like the kind of working class goober that could knock some heads around. 

I thought, oh good, this guy can help me out.

Then he opened the back door of the van and the bug men came out.

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