The worst part of waking up

I was sent a video of myself levitating down from Gary’s office.  I should be more careful.  My shield of people thinking it’s not real may not work the way I want.

The same guy who sent me that video sends me other stuff.  I don’t think he’s a wrestling fan.  I don’t know what his deal his, why he reads this blog.  He sent me a clip not long ago from a show called Preacher.  In a secret basement of a Catholic church nuns and priests were lifting weights and training with guns because they’re witch hunters.  Is that funny?

That image popped in my head during the attack.  Thanks guy.

Impersonating a police officer is a simple misdemeanor.  The penalty for a simple misdemeanor is “fine of at least one hundred five dollars but not to exceed eight hundred fifty-five dollars. The court may order imprisonment not to exceed thirty days in lieu of a fine or in addition to a fine”.  

That’s a small price to pay to get the drop on someone.  Gary sent them I assume.  They must have gone to the hotel manager and told them what they were doing.  I wonder if I would believe the cops would send only 3 guys in an unmarked van to apprehend a dangerous fugitive if I was the night manager of a hotel.

I wonder if they would have killed me if they were able to break down the door on the first try or if they were just after the skull.  That must be why the real police use sledgehammers or those rams to bust down doors.  It’s hard to surprise someone when you have to kick the door five times. 

The first guy through the door had a massive flashlight with a cross on the front to make it into a cross-light.  I wonder what he thought that would do.  I let him go me by towards the fetch I had in the bed. 

The second guy had an assault rifle.  I smashed him with a beer bottle.  He had a helmet on but I learned from a video not sent me by the Preacher guy that even with a helmet on that fucks you up.  The guy on that video learned the hard way. 

The third guy also had an assault rifle but he was tangled up with the second guy in the doorway as I slipped out the window and got behind him.  I could have stabbed him in the neck with broken bottle.  Self-defense right?

Instead I got him around the neck with a pillowcase.  His response was to start bucking off shots and shoot cross-light guy in the back of the legs.  Guy number two pulled out a combat knife and after staggering into and stabbing the TV he managed to lurch back our way and stab his friend in the stomach.  Even with a concussion it seems like you should be able to understand that you can’t stab through your friends. 

I’d hope that even faced with magic involved the real police would be able to mount a better effort.

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