Want & able

Social media is mostly people whining about how they don’t get what they want.  I don’t know why they expect that they should.  Must be something that happens to people that grow up with families.  Maybe their parents tell them they deserve things they want.

What I want is to kill Gary.  He’s the exact kind of person who shouldn’t have magic.  He’s a selfish putrid asshole who uses his skills for the exact worst thing in every situation.  In a way I find him more revolting than blood mages.  They’re stupid and desperate and often insane.  Gary knows exactly what he’s doing.  He has no excuse for his behavior. 

He’s been given the gift to bend reality and the only thing he can think to do with it is to make himself a corporate dickhead.   You don’t need magic for that.

He murdered a woman and then whined and cried that she made him do it.  He didn’t take responsibility for what he did.  She didn’t make him do shit.  He did it because he’s a coward.  He did it because he wanted to do it.  He wanted to know what it felt like to harness that magic.  

That’s difference between me and the social media whiners.  I could have want I want.  I could kill him.  It would be easy.  Not only is that what I want, but if I stomped on his head until his skull fractured and his brains spilled out the world would be better.  It would be BETTER.  It would.   

But I can’t kill him.  Because it would be wrong?   

Gilgul is the ritual that rips away someone’s magic.  Royale couldn’t do it.  It takes multiple magic users all of whom were more powerful than him.  That’s what I need.  To be able to perform that ritual.  But it’s impossible.  What kind of fuckery is that?   

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