Cowboy up

The locker room, or more likely just a normal room that people are changing in, at a wrestling show is a forum for free interchange of ideas and lively spirited debate.  Examinations such as, did a fan dump urine on me last night or was it just Mountain Dew?  It was both.  Like a 7 and 7 only with piss instead of Seagram’s 7 Crown. 

So it was a little better than a 7 and 7.   

The debut of new flavor Mountain Dew Extreme Urine Blast overshadowed Edward Carter “the 3rd Man” suffering an injury.  Torn labrum I heard.   I could have healed him.  I’ve done it before.  Pretended to be into kinesiology, which a lot of wrestlers are, and snuck in some magic. 

I didn’t want to bother this time.  Maybe I’m getting jaded.   

There was also a fight, which usually gets top billing over injuries and urine.  Two dudes went at it after arguing the age old question if “real” cowboys come from Wyoming or Texas.  Wyoming guy was adamant in this argument but since he got his ass kicked I guess Texas can claim the home of real cowboys by right of violence.

I could have healed Wyoming guy’s busted nose too but I didn’t do that either.   

What I did do was get paid $60.  

The other thing I did was visit the professor finally.  I feel like I’ve been in a lot of prisons lately.  It’s only been two but that feels like a lot. 

I figured that the professor sent a ghost-messenger to be because he was going to beg me to help him get out of prison like his non-ghost wife did.  I figured that end of the world stuff was a lie to get me there. 


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