I should have already learned this lesson

In order to pay off my loan I owe 10 shows to East Coast Professional Wrestling which is a family-oriented company, 10 shows for Jersey Shore Pro Wrestling which caters to horny teenagers, and a couple spot shows for different promotions.    

That would be a good run for me if half the money wasn’t going to someone else.   

I haven’t worked the Northeast much.  I don’t have much of a rep out here.  Maybe a third of my co-workers have heard of me.  Out of them about half of that third said “Oh, you’re the girl that beat up that porn star.”

That is not right.  I got into an altercation with a woman because I thought she was a porn star.  I certainly didn’t beat her up.    

I now have worked with a porn star thanks to JSPW.  They do a segment where a fan gets to “wrestle” a porn star for five minutes.  Usually it’s a real fan but this time it was a plant because they had me come in and get heat by ruining the party.   

The promoter came to me personally three times to beg/threaten me.  “Don’t hurt her, just don’t hurt her” he said before walking away each time.  If I’m so dangerous and unsafe why have me do the spot  at all?  Why even have me on the show?

Because that’s what JSPW’s brand is, come see our show because someone might get hurt for real. 

Not only him, but a couple of the boys came to lecture me too about how busting up Lexxxus Starr would be “bad for business”.  One of them must have got in her ear about it too because she was terrified when we talked.  I swore to her up and down that I’m safe and I wouldn’t hurt her. 

I told her we didn’t have to do the spot if she wasn’t comfortable with it.  She could bail out of the ring and I’d just beat up the plant Petey.  She was worried the promoter would be mad at her if she didn’t do it.  I get the sense she’s a person who’s scared a lot of the time.   

It all went off without a hitch.  Afterwards backstage a couple guys gave me a nod like I had really accomplished something by not flying off the handle and beating the shit out of a defenseless non-wrestler for no reason.   

She was very relieved when I talked her afterwards.  We were getting along fine until I asked her how they get around prostitution laws making porn.  You’re getting paid to have sex right, so how if that not prostitution? 

She didn’t like that question.   

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