Falling down

I tried my finding spell on the Hong Kong necromancer.  Then I tried to stop it because I got incredibly dizzy.  I couldn’t.  It was like the energy was being pulled out of me.  I got so off balance that I fell.  Fell like a normal person. 

I know how to fall.  That’s my job.  I once saw an old lady wrestler from the 70’s slip and fall on some spilled soda.  She was fine.  You don’t forget.  It’s instinct. 

I went down like a wet sack of crap.  I was so woozy I couldn’t tell which way was up.  Eventually it stopped on its own.  I didn’t do anything.

I don’t know if that happened because of wards that the necromancy might have.  Or if that happened because the necromancer might be very far away, in Hong Kong for instance.  I’ve never tried that spell on someone that might be half a world away.   

It’s hard to know why a spell goes wrong.  There should be an error screen that pops up.  Spell failure 302 – target too far away.

KBD was not nearly as talkative on the drive back to Buffalo as she was on the way out.  She seemed pissed at me.  I told her I was good for the money she held me up for figuring that was her issue but that didn’t seem to matter. 

At one point she said to me “This is what you do?”  I told her that I didn’t know what she meant.  “Were you trying to save that girl?  What was this all about?  Do you think magic makes you a superhero?  It was all pointless.  She was already dead.”

At least I tried?

Once we got back to Buffalo I asked her father if he could teach me some spells for dealing with necromancers.  He told me a bullet in the head works on them like everyone else.  I explained, while he barely listened, that I was dealing with someone who could create what I’ll call revenants, which is advanced shit, so they probably have a few tricks up their sleeve and I could use an ace in the hole.

His next tactic was to ask why he would want to show me how to take out a necromancer on account of he is one and I might use those spells against him.  Then he said he’d teach me for $25,000.  I countered with “How about free because I saved your daughter’s life?”

“You didn’t save me!” she said at the same time he said “I have more daughters”. 

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