I’m terrible at everything

I used to have a gas powered snow blower. I could never get it to work. Nothing was wrong with it, I just couldn’t make it happen. Everyone else would be laughing and smiling and snow-blowing away, and I would be there shoveling like an idiot after pulling on the damn cord for an hour. It had an electric starter. Never worked for me. Both methods worked fine for anyone else.

One thing that really drives me insane is when I can’t do something that EVERYONE else in the world can do just fine. Like lie at work.

There’s this guy called Paul F Thompkins. He used to do stand-up comedy. I like it a lot. One of his bits is about how he grew up in public transportation places and then moved to LA where everyone MUST have a car. So he had to learn to drive. He had a lot of problems with it.

At one point he said to himself “No, I can do this, this is not beyond me. Surely I’m at least as smart as the dumbest person I know who can drive car.”

That’s what I think a lot when I’m trying to do things. I’m not smart, but I’m not THE DUMBEST person alive, I shouldn’t fail at every single thing in the world.

I’m trying to make this website. I see tons of other people with great websites. Droves and droves of them.


  1. I think website builders are kind of like flying cars. Years ago everyone was like “yeah, technology keeps advancing. In a few years this will be a solved problem. Easy.” And then a decade or two rolls by and, wow, it feels like the tech has just stagnated. Like all we’ve managed to do is advance from Angelfire and Geocities to WordPress? For $20/month, shouldn’t I be able to think a gorgeous website into existence by now?

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