Fraid of no ghost

I figured there was a 90% change the spirit was going to be Eterno.  Or the spirit that was possessing Eterno.  I never figured out what was going on there.   

I figured there was a 10% chance it was going to be the ghost of someone I got killed.  Even though the Professor and KBD both told me that’s not how ghosts work.   

What I did not expect was a message from prison.  I also did not expect the old man client to look like an Elvis impersonator.  Why is that still a thing?  Hasn’t Elvis been dead for 70 years?   His music isn’t even good.

At least the exorcist had a classic exorcist priest look.  He had the little bag and everything.  He also looked super old.  Old man Elvis was one of those old dudes that looks sturdy, the priest guy was more of a pile of dust in clothing.  Good thing he doesn’t have to actually wrestle with the spirits.   

No one told me that the spirit was going to be in someone.  I figured it was just going to be flying around ghost style.  A sallow looking kid was leaning at the railing at the top of the staircase with a tall black humanoid shadow enveloping him.  Much like with Bloody Mary it looked more than a little obscene.   

When it saw me it cackled and spoke, sounding like a crappy voice modulator “Grace, welcome, to die!  Nah, just kidding, Professor REDACTED sent me to talk to you.  He wants you to visit him in prison ASAP.  Super important, end of the world stuff.  The fate of the all humanity is in your oddly mannish hands.  Hey, any of you guys know if there’s a 24-hour gym around here?  While I’m on the mortal plane I might as well check out the shower action.  Haha, just kidding again, I don’t do that.  Anymore!  Haha.  Peace!” 

With that the shadow dissipated and the kid he was puppeting promptly flopped forward and slid down the stairs.

Everyone was looking at me like this was somehow my fault.  KBD asked “What the fuck was that?” 

How the hell should I know? 

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