Another AG non-happy sort of ending

Whenever I tell someone about magic it never goes well.  I thought back to when I first saw Obaluaiye do magic.  How I felt.  I thought I was losing my mind.  I got over it.  Maybe that’s because I was able to do magic.  Maybe that made it palatable.     

Maybe telling people about it makes me awful.  Seems like it should be okay to tell the truth.   

The doctor was having a hard time with it.  On the other hand she accepted what I was saying readily.  She must have been wondering about it.  Her softball friends came over a couple times to ask if she was okay and give me dirty looks.  She told them she was fine.  I took that as permission to proceed.   

I figured telling her all the details wouldn’t help.  I tried to keep it simple.  I said that she’s a doctor and she helps people, this girl needed her help to “move on”.  She asked me if I was an exorcist.  I thought about Eterno and how I helped him.  I guess I am?   

I told KBD that I would get her the money two hundred bucks a month at a time.  She said that she doesn’t work on installment.  I told her that I would sell my car when we got back and I could pay her then.  She thought that was hilarious.   

“What is your deal?  Are you the stupidest person in the world?”  She said I was working for “nothing” like some Italian word that I assume is a racial slur.  Surprisingly my counter-argument of “just fucking do it you little brat” worked. 

We slipped into the prison again with the church guy, the doc did her part and got T8 to the infirmary and had a guard bring us in there too.  Some story about possibly being exposed to tuberculosis.  KBD and I did the thing and that was that.   

Not a very satisfying ending to the story, but I did what I could.   

On the way out the guard gave me a huge grin and winked at me.  He was enormously pleased with himself.  WTF?   

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