Ghost-grabbers with Grace

KBD said that she could unmake the spell that’s keeping T8 an animated undead monster but it would take several hours.  She also said if I wanted her to do that it would cost me a grand.  When I told her that I couldn’t afford that she said to get it from the girl’s family. 

I wanted to bust her nose. 

I didn’t.   

I called Henry Fong (not the rapper) and told him what I knew about what was going on.  His response was “so?”  I pointed out that there was someone turning dead people into drug mules and since he’s a cop and also knows about magic this seemed within his jurisdiction.  His response “What do you want me to do?  Fly to Hong Kong and try to arrest a foreign national for doing magic?” 

I probably should have left this whole thing be.  I don’t feel like I have a good track record of solving crimes.  Maybe that’s why I didn’t let it go.

I got a physical of sorts when I went to jail.  I assumed there has to be something like that for prison as well. 

Between the internet and my finding spell my quest took me to a park beer league softball game.  I don’t know much about sports but I think Dr. Ashleigh Banfield is dreadful, even by beer league standards. 

I followed her and her softball buddies to TJ Bigley’s Bar and Grill where I sidled up to her with my most cunning line “Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?”  She looked me up and down, mostly up, and said that I shouldn’t be talking to her.  She thought that I was someone she had treated in prison and she didn’t want to have contact with me in the real world. 

I managed to convince her that was not the case and to coax her into a booth away from her friends.  Which is good for me because I suck at coaxing.  I asked her if she had done a new prisoner exam recently that was off.  Off like the person had no vital signs and black sludge instead of blood.   

First she mumbled something about rare conditions were people seem like they have no vitals.  Then she said some stuff about drug use.  Then she accused me of being “one of those ghost freaks from Youtube”.   

I told her that the girl she examined was undead and that I was sorry to be fucking up her life with this news. 

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