Money well spent

Getting into prison was way easier than I thought that it would be.  It shouldn’t be that easy.  Maybe they don’t worry about women’s prisons as much.  I’ve never heard of a female escaped convict.   

I didn’t want to contact T8’s family for help.  I didn’t want to give them the false hope that I was trying to get their daughter out of prison.  Since Henry doesn’t give a shit I didn’t have a choice.  I tried very hard to explain to them that I was specifically going there trying to address her odd behavior.  I could tell that they got their hopes up anyway.

I hate that I did that.  

T8’s family got me connected with their church and the church people brought me in for a prayer session with her.  Just like that.  All KBD and I had to do to get in was carry a bible and walk in with the church guy. 

That doesn’t seem right.  Must be really easy to get contraband into a women’s prison.   They didn’t even check the bible to see if was real.  I could have had so much meth in a hollowed out bible.  Or phones.  Or a bomb.

Even though it’s just a book it felt weird to have it in my hands and pretend to be into it.  Even though I don’t believe I don’t like to be sacrilegious.  It seems disrespectful to the people that do believe.  Does that make sense?  Not really.

KBD had no issues with it.  On the drive down she mentioned that her dad drags her and her sisters to mass every week.   Seems strange that a necromancer would be a church goer.  Do you think he’s a true believer or is it camouflage?  Maybe it’s like how all those mafia guys pretend to be into religion. 

Under the guise of spiritual instruction KBD was able to do what she needed to do to diagnose T8.  When I was in jail I was constantly under supervision it felt like.  I can’t believe how lax things are here.   And this is supposed to be a much more secure facility.  All I did was kneecap a guy, she imported felony weight heroin. 

Once we were out in the parking KBD gave me her expert opinion “She’s dead.” 

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