23 & Magic

Once I had the money Kebab-man dispatched one of his daughters to help me investigate.  He said he couldn’t do it because he’s too old to be doing magic anymore.   Once he realized that his skills were declining he taught his daughters magic so they could carry out his bidding. 

I said he didn’t look that old.  He said that channeling magic tears you up physically.  “But you know that” she said as he looked me up and down.  When I asked him what he meant by that I found out that he thought I was a blood mage because of all my scars.  He thought I was cutting myself all up to power magic.  I wonder if anyone actually does that.   I’ve only ever run into blood mages that cut other people.

Royale and others have told me how rare magic is in modern times. I think that’s right, but in the past few days I’ve met half a dozen new magic people.  Which doesn’t seem rare.  I’ve been thinking about it a lot and I realized almost most of magic people I’ve met have either been very old or they learned it as a family thing.  Maybe that means magic is biological and genetic?   

Maybe magic is becoming more rare because as people get less uh, inbred, there’s less magic people out there.  Like people with blue eyes or red hair.  The number of people that can do magic declining that’s actually what causes the ebb and flow in the magic energy. 

I’ve been trying to think if I’ve meet anyone like me, new to magic and not from a magic family.   Maybe my parents were magic.  Maybe that’s how I ended up alone.  Maybe the people that got Royale got them.   Maybe I am like Harry Potter.

I asked Kebab daughter if her family was worried about sending her off with a stranger.  She said “Are you going to try to rape me?”  When I told her no she said “well there you go, besides he has other daughters so he can afford to lose a couple”.  I don’t think she was entirely kidding.   

She took one look at my car and flat out refused to get in.  When I told her that there wasn’t really another option she said “You just gave my dad 3 grand and you can’t afford a two-hundred-dollar flight?”   

We’re off to a great start.  This is going to be a fun trip.

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