The poor magician’s almanac

Kebab man said that because I was friends with Stella he’ll to cut me deal and only charge me $1500 to investigateT8.  That’s half his normal rate he pointed out.  I got paid that much once for a bare knuckle fight. 

I asked him if I couldn’t afford $800 how did he think I was going to sing $1500?  He said that was the best he could do, which is a lie.  He could do it for free.   That’s the best he could do. 

I asked if he could just teach me a couple spells so I could do it myself and he laughed right in my face.  Literally laughed I my face.   I also pitched helping me in return for my help with something he had going on which he did not even warrant a response. 

I thought about the magic alligator wallet that the professor took off me when I showed him the Bessie Love memorabilia.  I gave some consideration to stealing it back.  But I already lied to the professor’s sad wife a bunch, robbing her on top of that would be too much.  I don’t even know for sure that it gets you money, it just seems like what a magic wallet would do.   

Instead I went the other way and offered Kebab Man the bullet, and other stuff, proof coat in lieu of cash.  He sneered.  He asked why he would need a bulletproof coat, why would anyone ever shoot at him?  I can think of a couple reasons.  I suggested that he could sell it.  He laughed at said that was the professor’s thing.  That’s how they knew each other.   

In the end I did break into the professor’s house and snoop around his office.   Just to steal information not stuff.

So it’s okay.   

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