RIP Stella

T8 says she remembers being in a car accident in Hong Kong just like the police said.  She didn’t see the other car coming she just remembers being thrown violently.  The seatbelt breaking.  The searing pain.  She remembers being twisted in a way that her body doesn’t go.  She said it felt like it took a long time, like time had slowed down.  She said that she could feel herself dying.  She tried to hold on but she it was like trying to grab water.  No matter what she did she couldn’t hold on.  She died, just like the police said.

She remembers “wakes up” with a man standing over her.  All she could see is that his eyes were black like ink and his face was hard and glossy like he was wearing a mask made of painted glass.  Since that moment she’s been awake but she says she experiences things like like a daydream.  Or less poetically, like she’s horribly dopesick or extremely drunk. 

She remembers being on the streets in Hong Kong after the accident but she couldn’t see very well what she was doing or where she was going.  She said it was like there was a plastic bag over her head.  She said she stumbled around because she was being pushed from behind by an irresistible force.  She said the man with the black eyes spoke to her in her head.  He told her to do things she didn’t understand. 

She couldn’t resist his commands.  If she tried the pain from the accident came back, like she was dying again.  She was confused.  Couldn’t concentrate.  She hurt herself by accident because she couldn’t fully control her limbs or see what was happening. 

She met some men in a big room, maybe a hotel.  She remembers them laughing at her.  One of them punched her a few times like he was testing it out.  They spoke in a language that she didn’t know.  She remembers being on the plane and then being home.  She remembers how worried her family was but she couldn’t speak to them to tell them what was happening.  She felt like she was trapped in her own body. 

The police came and arrested her.  They said she brought drugs into the country.  She didn’t understand, if that was true they would have stopped her at the airport right?  I looked at Henry and he just shrugged. 

She said that she thinks the man with the black eyes is Japanese.  When I asked her why she said some of racist stuff about Japanese people.  Henry kind of apologized for her but then also said some weird shit about Japanese people. 

After our visiting time was over and we were outside I asked Henry what exactly he wanted me to do.  He said that I had already done it.  I broke the spell enough that she could tell us what was going on.  When I asked what he was going to do about it he said “Nothing.  I can’t go to a judge and say that she was only importing drugs because a Japanese wizard zombified her and made her do it.”

It made me think of Stella.  She hated when people misused the word zombie. 

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