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I’ve started re-writing and posting this blog on Wattpad.  I’m enjoying it.  Mostly I’m just updating stuff from the early days to make it more “Grace-ian” but I’m coming up to some parts that I am going to change fundamentally.

The blockchain is forking!

Usually when I write an anticlimax it’s intentional because I find that “realistic”.  Most things don’t have clean resolutions.  Also I’m lazy and climaxes are hard (phrasing).  But at least once I wrote myself into a corner and bailed out because my brain says that I must post ON SCHEDULE.  I’m going to change that anti-climax on Wattpad.

Sometimes I think “this blog is too much magic and not enough wrestling” which is probably silly because if anyone is interesting in anything it’s probably the magic stuff and not the wrestling.  Going back and re-writing I’ve been thinking “this is too much wrestling and not enough magic”.  Humorous. 

I found a very vague outline that I didn’t remember I wrote.  Not a story outline, more of a “tone” outline.  Or something.  In it I say that I should start talking about wrestling mostly and transition to magic as Grace learns more about it.  Mission unintentionally accomplished? 

I had 100% forgotten this part, I wrote that the blog should feel like Grace is getting into the drug trade.  She’s doesn’t really know how to do, it’s dangerous, and almost everything she does ends in disaster.  I wrote that magic should be like a black market, even when you start to learn about it you don’t ever really know what’s going on because it’s all underground and secret.  Missions maybe unintentionally accomplished somewhat? 

I do sort of remember writing the next part,  that I was taking inspiration from when the Walking Dead comic book dude said that the “theme” of the book was Rick suffering horribly and they Rick would never die because then he couldn’t suffer anymore. 

I’d say I’ve averted this mostly and I’m glad.  Plenty of bad stuff happens to Grace but I like to think that I’ve made it less of a Walking Dead style “everything is shitty fest” and injected some light.  I don’t know if I’ve done any kind of job charactering it (is that a word?) but I think of Grace now as one of those people who takes their lumps and soldiers on.  One of my favorite “tropes” is the implacable “man” – the person who may not be all that great but they have a chance because they won’t give up.  If I were to think about that now, I’d write that for the Grace tone plan.

It’s a little silly, but what I would think of as inspiration for Grace is Mandrake from Dr. Strangelove, specifically the scene where he’s talking about being tortured where he says, in a sense “Yes well I had a rough go of it there for a while” and that’s it.  I got tortured, I didn’t like it, enough said. No need to dwell on things.

Also Godzilla.  Grace is just like Godzilla.

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  1. I have also found old writing notes and it is very strange. It’s almost like reading the notes of someone else who just has some of the same ideas as you. At least that was my experience.

    I appreciate the story not completely diving into “everything always sucks for the protagonist” territory. I can only handle so much of that before I get burnt out.

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