Another doubleteam, I could see Dennis Rodman being in this one too

Backstage last night Neptune Morris and Dr. Perces huddled together were watching nun porn on an iPad.  It reminded me of the time I was riding the bus and the guy in front of me was watching porn on this phone.  If you’re not jerking off what’s the point?  Are they looking for new uncomfortable moves to try on unsuspecting women who are nice enough to have sex with them? 

There’s so much porn out there.  Where do all these porn women come from?  I’ve met one porn woman and I think that’s a high number.  Based on the sheer porn volume it seems like I should run into porn women constantly.   

I listened to a podcast about porn and it said that most women who do it appear in three videos and then quit.  So there’s not that many of them out there that are really into it and make a career out of it.  Based on that maybe I have met more than one and I just don’t know it. Porn hobbiests who don’t mention it rather than porn stars.

Porn is a little like wrestling when you think about it.  The people that stick with it and do it for a living are rare.  Let’s say I average a hundred and fifty shows a year.  Some really sad shows only have a dozen people booked on the card but that’s not common.  Let’s say 20 plus is more common.  Some of those are the same people I’ve met at other shows so let’s cut that down.  Say I meet 1000 new wrestlers a year.   

A thousand people a year seems like a lot to me at first but compared to the hundreds of millions in the country it’s nothing.  Out of that thousand probably 85% are part-timers and washed-up old vets and dreamers from the promoter’s school who may never have another match.  Those of us who can, and do, make a career out of it are few.   

That’s why unless you seek them out on purpose you’re unlikely to meet a wrestler.  Or a porn star.  I wonder which one gets paid better, adjusted for injuries and mental annihilation.   

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