How sweet the sound

Every 6-11 months I drop a hint to my friends about my blogs. Then I immediately hate myself for crying for attention like a zoo orangutan begging for a mango. Sure, orangutans are much stronger than me and are better climbers and they have fiery red hair like Christina Hendricks but they can’t drive cars.

I have some new art for Grace, the character in my other blog and I think it’s cool so I’m sharing it here as well.

Credit –

I’ve also started re-writing and posting that blog from the beginning on wattpad –

I think wattpad might be an even worse way to attract readers but on the plus side it keeps track of where you are in the chapters which is the excuse some people have given for why they don’t read my blogs.


    1. As a crusty old many that seems meet and right so to do but I also as a crusty old man I wonder if the young people feel the opposite – you have to like my content to be my friend.

      1. For better or worse, it also avoids me having to worry about whether everyone isn’t reading because they’re busy, or hate my writing, or secretly hate me personally, or are only government plants filing monthly reports on my suspicious activities until they’ve gathered enough evidence to present at the international tribunal.

  1. “Every 6-11 months I drop a hint to my friends about my blogs.”

    I generally don’t tell people about it, although if they ask about what I get up to I just say, “I write stuff.” I don’t consider it overly important. WordPress brings in good folks, anyway!

    However, considering my friends insist on stuffing their baby pictures and selfies into my face 24/7…. maybe writer should be more like orangutans wanting a mango.

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