Anti-climax 3 – The Climaxening

The Redacted City Power Suit Gang isn’t happy.  Even though I brought them back baseball boy without any violence or publicity, which is what they wanted.  I should have lied about bringing in more help.  I assured them that a mechanic in Iowa, a drunk old pawnbroker in Louisiana, and another wrestler on the road aren’t going to blow the lid on their real estate scam by talking about Draculas and Scooby-Doo monsters.   

They didn’t buy it but they didn’t do anything about it but threaten me.  I should have pretended that I more afraid of them so they could have felt like they got what they wanted and will leave me alone in the future.  Even though it’s my job I’m not good at play acting in real life.  They have it out for me now. 

After that operation Waldrum and Berner helped me with Kaisey too.  Which was nice of them.  They had campus security grab her saying she was wanted for questioning and took her to the station.  Where I was waiting to ambush her and snatch the death magic charm necklace.  I like having the law on my side for a change.  No wonder police corruption is so popular.

Between that and taking the book I hope she’s powerless now.  I probably should have beat her ass until she told me the origin of the book so I could be sure but I don’t know if she would have talked.  She has the dead eyes.  She may be able to stand a beating that I’m willing to deal out. 

After that operation Berner and Waldrum and I roped ourselves together like mountain climbers and I noclipped us into wallpaper land.  I cannot explain to anyone who hasn’t been there how fucking creepy it is.  It shouldn’t be scary.  It’s just a bunch of rooms and hallways with ugly wallpaper.  But it is.  You’d go mad in there after enough time. 

It took us more than hours to find the frat boy murder bros I had had stashed in there.  If the place is infinite we’re lucky we found them at all.  Who the hell knows how that place works. Along the way we found the perfectly preserved bodies of 8 women that Christie Lane marooned there.  We should have brought a dolly to move them.  Carrying them was a bitch.   

The frat bros would have attacked us if Waldrum and Berner weren’t armed.  They almost did attack us anyway even with weapons in their faces.  They looked at the guns like they were thinking about charging.  They were out of their minds.   

Not so out of their minds that they couldn’t take the deal though.  Confess to the murders of these women or be left in the yellow zone forever.  I told them if they tried to change their minds I could send them back there any time I wanted.   

Once they agreed I noclipped us back.  In fucking Arizona. 

Swing and a miss.   

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