Magical gender neutral friendship squad

I’m going to blow your minds.  Magic is cool.  I never want to forget that.

Dany came down from Iowa City.  42561 came over after a show in Saint Louis.  I was surprised but that but even more surprising Milham came over from Lafyette.  When I asked why he came out of his hidey-hole he said he was just trying to get in my pants.  Normally I can shrug those kinds of comments off but it really bothered me this time.  I was busting his balls first so I had it coming. 

I thought the four of us working a spell together was going to be a mess because Dany’s magic is different from mine and 42561 directs all her spells inward but Milham was very skilled at guiding us through weaving it all together.  42561 has a gift for channeling energy and Dany made it easier to cast my fetch at distance with her witchiness. It was like everyone has a special skill that worked together.  We were a magic dream team.

Everything went so well it made me paranoid.  Things never work out. 

The plan was that I would use my fetch to scout the place out, see if the cult people were armed, make sure All-Star Boy was there, get the layout of the place, etc.  But the first room my fetch went in I saw him.  He was sitting there playing a video game.  Change of plans, I had the fetch grab him and drag him out of the house.   

A cowboy looking guy with Colt Python came out and blasted the fetch a couple times.  Not a word said, just blazed away.  Did he know it wasn’t a real person or was he just that blasé about murder?  A woman came out to gawk at what was happening but that was it.  No other resistance.  Once I had the kid outside Waldrum and Berner swooped in and took him into custody.  Colt Python and a couple other people watched them taking him into custody out the windows but they didn’t do anything.   

That was it.  I think that was my third rescue kidnap.  They haven’t all been that easy but they’ve all been easier than I want kidnapping to be.  Maybe it’s like ripping off a drug dealer, it’s easier because they’re doing something illegal in the first place.   

Sitting at Denny’s having our victory dinner 42561 told me to delete her number.  I told her she’s the one that answered the phone and said yes, I didn’t make her do anything.  She told me she can’t help herself, that I needed to help her by not asking her to help me.  A couple tears came down her face. 

How am I supposed to feel about that? 

Milham also went on about how I had inspired him to get off his ass and “back in the game”.  Maybe that’s the catch, people get emotional after group magic.  Then he made fun of me for drinking Diet Mountain Dew and Maker’s Mark.   

Milham asked if there were any other problems he could solve for me while he had his head out of the foxhole.  On a whim I mentioned the McQueen family river monster vigil.

He thought about it for a while and then he said he knew someone that might be able to help.


  1. Oh shit this is how magic Avengers starts…

    Actually, was there ever a comic book super-group with only magic-based powers? Seems like something that must have happened at some point, but all I can think of is Constantine and the various people who hung out with him before they all died horribly for his character development.

    1. With my 20 year old comic knowledge I remember Doctor Strange organizing The Nine, most of whom I forget but they were magic people I believe assembled to kill Dracula. Then it was Doctor Strange again putting together the Nightstalkers who I think were also vampire oriented. I guess normal heroes can’t handle vampires and that’s when you need a magic squad.

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