Pretty cool

I think they left me chained to that desk in the interrogation room for at least 20 hours.  I’m sure that’s illegal.  Everything they’re doing is illegal but that’s what bothers me. 

After they stormed out only one of the power suit quartet came back in to talk with me.  He has the nicest suit so I think he’s the district attorney.  He also has a politician haircut that looks like a wig and a gaunt face.  He told me that they could send Detective Waldrum with me as back up.  If they did that I would have to keep any magic I did on the down low.  I said one guy wasn’t enough back-up.  He said that they had indication that the cult was dangerous or that they had weapons on the presmises.  They were “just” sacrificing animals. 

I told him that the Kaisey threw a death spell at me and a spell that was able to paralyze my legs.  I told him that the frat bro that stole her book was able to use it to give people heart attacks and mess with their memories.  I call those things fucking dangerous.  I’m not sure if the mother or anyone else in the compound can do anything without the book.  This isn’t an area I want to take risks. 

Politician hair guy said that the best he could do was to send the detective’s partner Berner in with me also.  He emphasized in the strongest terms that if they were with me my number one priority was not letting either of them see me do any magic, or let them know in any way that magic was real.  He said that it was better to scrub the mission and try again than to have them learn anything about what I, or other magicians could do. 

I agreed .  He sent in Waldrum and Berner so we could talk about how we were going to manage the rescue.

Once the two detectives were back in the room I levitated off the ground as far as I could with the shackle on my wrist attached to the table.  I cast my strength spell and ripped the cuff off my wrist with my other hand.  Doing this cut up my hand so I floated back down to the ground and held up my arm in front of them, showing them the wounds and the blood flowing.  Then I healed myself, letting them watch the cuts close up.

“Pretty cool right?  It’s magic.  How do you feel about it?”

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