Take me out to the ballgame

They left me chained up for a couple more hours and then the 4 suits and lady suits came back with two other people.  Because it wasn’t crowded enough in the tiny interrogation room.  These two really were detectives and I shit you not they looked almost exactly like the two detectives from the third season of True Detective. 

The detectives showed me a bunch of pictures of a lady who dresses like a country western singer all the time.  Or maybe she doesn’t and those are the only pictures they have of her.  She also happens to be Kaisey’s mother.  Maybe they had her under watch so when I came along and accosted her that’s why they got me into this? 

They showed me pictures of kid they want rescued too.  Looks like a douche.  The suits talked about how he’s great at baseball and once they get him “straightened out” he’s going to play in the majors.  I asked them if we should try to rescue anyone else there who isn’t good at baseball.  I was joking but they said that he was the target and not to worry about anyone else so the joke was on me.

I looked at the pictures and stuff for a while and then I said “So a SWAT team storms the place and I provide magic back-up in case they need it?  What if I use my smoke spell to make them think the house is on fire and then you can blast them with bean-bag rounds as they come out?”

The detectives gave me a weird look and suddenly the meeting was over.  Blondie and Walrus stormed back in a minute later and bitched me out for mentioning magic in front of the detectives.  How the fuck was I supposed to know the people they brought in weren’t smartened up?  I told them whoever they sent with me was bound to see some magic shit so they better tell them ahead of time.

It was at this point they said they said weren’t planning on providing me with any back-up.  They wanted me to go in there alone.  I politely declined their kind offer of blackmail.  They tried to strong arm again and I informed them “You know that I can magic escape any time I want right?  Your threats don’t mean anything to me.  I was only going along with this so far because I thought it was going to be a fine or something.  If you want my help we’re going to have to make a deal.  You can’t bully me into this.”

They said that I was bluffing.  I could tell they were bluffing about thinking that I was bluffing.  I’m getting a little better at reading people.

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