Here I go again on my own

I sat in the car for a while with the book.  And the cash.  Taking that makes me a thief I reckon.  I tried my finding spell on the person who made the book.  Didn’t work.   I didn’t expect it would.

What do I do about the two guys I sent to the yellow wallpaper maze?  I’m tempted to leave them there.  What do I do about the book?  I’m tempted to throw it in Royale’s trunk with the rest and forget about it.  Maybe that can be my hobby.   I’ll collect them.

When Alpha Delta said that he found the book what he meant was that he stole it.  When I had him pinned down drooling into the dirt and getting his lips frothy with mud he launched into a story.   He and his frat brothers have a rivalry with Kappa Phi Kappa sorority and something about a bet taking a girl’s virginity and a teacher who was blackmailing someone and a hot Asian girl (not that one) and lesbians and a tennis club and all kinds of shit.  I couldn’t have followed his rambling if I wanted to. 

The long and short of it was that he stole the book from someone named Kaisey.  I checked out her social media until I nodded off.  Next thing I know it’s fucking 1 PM.  I headed back to Abilene for some cold chicken and a shower.  I’m in Odessa a few hours later where I was supposed to team with Rose Red against the Dudes of Legend.  She’s not there of course so instead I team up with the Dudes against the Texas Blood Money trio.  

I have a show at Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino tomorrow night.  Maybe I’ll see if I can track down Kaisey the day after. 

Or maybe I’ll forget about the whole thing. 

Probably I won’t.

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