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It’s been said that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Like many motivational sayings it doesn’t actually make sense but we all get the idea.

A few months back I saw a kickstarter for a comic book (Disciple) about a pro wrestler who starts doing magic stuff. I thought, neat someone has the same idea only they’re doing it “for real”.

Today I saw a new comic (Do a Powerbomb) about a lady wrestler who gets invited to a death tournament by a necromancer. And when I was reading about that I saw several other “if you like this” things that led me to other comics coming out soon about magic+pro wrestling.

Right now it’s only comic books but it’s CLEAR that we’re on the edge of a new fad – professional wrestling urban fantasy. Soon all your streaming channels will have movies about wrestlers fighting the supernatural and doing magic stuff. Do they still make movies in theaters? If so they’ll be there. And the books, my GOD the books! They’ll be so many books about wrestlers and magic and magic wrestlers.

Which is cool, BUT I realized that I’ve committed the worst sin you can in a capitalistic society. I failed to CAPITALIZE! Somehow subconsciously I knew this magical wrestling wave was coming but all I did was write some stories for fun. What a fool I am. I should have been laying the groundwork for becoming filthy stinking rich!

Let’s examine all the mistakes I made. First of all no merch. I ordered a custom YETI for my GF with Amazing Grace’s wrestling catchphrase on it “Unladylike, Unfabulous, Unbreakable”. I should have ordered thousands of those and sold them. Is that even legal? Who cares?!

Also I should have been designing and selling all sorts of AG shirts. Who would buy them you ask? Well that brings me to my next mistake.

When the scambot asked me to pay it $500 to get me 10,000 followers I should have done it! And when the other scambot asked me to pay it a cool grand to get me 50,000 followers I should have done that too!

And for sure when the actual human (maybe, bots are getting tricky) said that all he needed to get an Amazing Grace Tv show going was for me to pay him $15,000 I should have jumped on that like a flea on a dog!

I had my chance and I blew it. I could have been in on the ground floor for the up coming magic wrestler craze which I assume will be peak in 2023 and become unprofitable by 2025.

So when you’re watching Florence Pugh suplex a mummy and then fly on her broom to witch mountain, or Harry Styles putting a figure four leglock on a legally distinct not Voldemort character, think of me, old Sopy and how I missed my shot by not taking it.


    1. Agh, another blunder! When I started this blog I should have mailed it to myself so I had the postmark as evidence in the civil trial.

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