If anyone ever thought about magic being real most people would assume that you have to be smart to do it.  In fantasy stories wizards are old and wise.  They have old busy wisdom beards so you know.  They have to go magic school for hundreds of years.  They live in towers, the smartest kind of building.  Everyone else is in medieval times but they do astronomy and build indoor plumbing and airplanes.  Fiction tells us that magic is the province of the learned.   

This is untrue.  You don’t have to be smart to do magic.  You have to want it.  You have to want it more than most people want anything in their lives.  You have to want it so much that you bend, break, and bleed for it.  In in his notes Royale talks about an evil magician he and his friends faced.  Sounds like this guy was dumb as a brick.  Didn’t stop him from being immensely powerful. 

Magic is a skill.  You don’t have to be smart to learn a skill.  Take sports as an example.  Some people say that you have to be smart to play football.  They’re wrong.  A lot of washed-out football players wrestle. I’ve met them.  Some of them are dumb as shit.  But they were great at the skill of football.  They learned that skill.  They learned it well.  Magic is the same way. 

I’ll leave it for you to decide if I bring this up in reference to myself for dragging a bound man to a house I share or because of the man being dragged himself.   

At the sound of her voice the guy I kidnapped started screaming at Martynova.  Screaming about how  he was being kidnapped.  Before I could think of a lie she went into the house.  I assumed she was going to call the cops. 

A moment later she came out with a stun gun and zapped the guy.  Some people are good at holding a cigarette with the corner of their mouth and talking.  Martynova is great at it but her accent gets heavier when she does it. 

“You want him inside?  I get legs.” 

I told her that I didn’t really know where I wanted him, that I needed to get some information from him. 

She nodded and said “Leave here, no mess in house, I get hammer.” 

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