The stars at night, Are big and bright

I worked a Texas Death Match with Rose Red the Texas Vampire in Lubbock.  Lubbock is in Texas if you weren’t sure.  This battle took place in glamorous Prima Vista Events Center in Lubbock Texas.  That particular venue has no locker room.  After our match I was sitting outside in the parking lot bleeding and having a beer when the Rose Red came to chat.   

It was the normal post-match courtesy talk at first.  Then she started telling me about her little sister.   Much less normal. 

She tells me that little sister was ghosting her so she went to her apartment to check things out.  Little sister is there sitting on the couching staring at nothing.  Rose Red can’t hardly get her to talk.  When she does talk, little sister doesn’t recognize her. 

The only time she reacts is when Rose Red says that they should go to the hospital.  At this point little sister loses her shit and starts screaming at Rose Red to leave and never come back. 

Rose Red assumes little sister is on the smack so she calls for a welfare check and the cops come poke around.  They agree that little sister is acting squirrely but they don’t find anything they can act on.  A girl sitting on a couch isn’t a danger to herself. 

Rose Red leaves and comes back with her hosed down Juggalo boyfriend intent on kidnapping little sister for her own good.  Unpainted Juggalo breaks the door down and they find that apartment manager is in there with little sister now.   

No problem, Juggalo boyfriend will kick the fat man’s ass right?  Instead Juggalo falls down like he’s having a heart attack and Rose Red runs outside and calls 911.  She waits outside, flags down the cops.

Rose Red and the cops all go up there and find little sister, the boyfriend, and the manager are sitting around watching the Kardashians like everything’s fine.  When the cops leave the manager is grinning at Rose Red like a dude that just got his first blowjob.   

“That’s pretty weird” I tell Rose Red.  She waits like she’s expecting me to say more.  Eventually she speaks “I thought you might be able to help me . . . because you deal with . . . weird stuff I’ve heard.” 

I asked her where she heard that.  She just said that she had heard it “around”.  I told her I’d be happy to help her if she let me shower at her place. 

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