Also not to be confused with Mason “the Abilene Dream Machine” Kincaid

NOW! Profession Wrestling, North Texas Wrestling Federation, Longhorn Wrestling, and El Paso Arena Pro are combining for a series of “super” shows.  Shows not just across the Lone Star state of Texas but in such exotic faraway lands as Little Rock Arkansas, Evanston Illinois, Tempe Arizona, and Mulvane Kansas.  They promised me bookings for the next 6 months.

Bankrolling this operation is a guy who inherited the 6th best Midwest barbecue sauce-making company and promptly drove it into the ground by starting a wrestling company and renting out GEHA Field for their big Lucha De Mayo show which may have had as many as 700 people at it.  I assume this supershow tour will fall apart in under six weeks.  And that’s being generous. 

Despite the grandiose schedule across the country, most of the shows are in Texas so the BBQ man’s daughter hooked me up with a place to stay.  Which was nice of her.  For the next six months I’ll be rooming in a house in Abilene with Martynova Sushchenko.  She’s a former Olympic Judoka.  She’s the second Russian Judo woman I’ve met.  Therefore I have no choice but to assume that all Russian women learn judo.  Which seems right.

She’s training for a reality show called Supreme Athlete were you do a bunch of different challenges that are almost like real sports but with a “crazy” twist.  Like a moving hoop for basketball.   Sounds like American Gladiators or Ninja Warrior.  Until she wins all that money though she’s a personal trainer at Abilene Machine, which is a gym, not to be confused with Abilene Machine the place that sells tractor parts.

She has a 2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 Camper Van and she let me check it out.  If someone ever gives me 50 grand for saving the world I’m getting one of those. 

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