On to Columbus

How much does someone owe you if you save their life?  Everything.  In truth even if you save someone you can’t trade on their goodwill forever.  That’s extortion.  I saved you so you owe me.  Not cool.   

Lucy floated me some money to help Andrea and Cassie get relocated.   She told me that she doesn’t mind doing be favors because I use my favors to help others.  Which is nice.   I can’t keep asking her for money all the time.  

I don’t know if putting Andrea and Cassie in touch with TAG and her mom is a good idea or not.  Having someone to talk to that understand what you went through can’t hurt I don’t think.  The internet says that group therapy is effective but maybe just because it’s cheaper so people can actually afford it.   

I get why Batman needs to be rich.  Not just for the Bat-bazooka and the Bat-murder stick but also so he can pay for therapy for the people who were tortured by the psycho clown or the penguin guy.  Maybe I should be trying to get on WWE with a million-dollar contract just so I can set up a support network for the victims of magic bullshit.  The good news is they would never put someone like me on screen anyway.   

Huddie wanted me to go “to war” with him against the black magic people.  He said “go to war” at least a dozen times.  He blew smoke up my ass about how powerful I was and with me by his side we could finally put an end to them.  I told him that isn’t my thing.  I told him next time they kidnap someone he should call me and we’d figure out a way to make sure the cops took them down. 

He ranted about how the law couldn’t touch them.  They’d mindfuck the cops or the judge or someone and get away with it like they always do.  He tried to shame me into going with him to kill them.  I told him a 200-year-old man should know better.   

I called Stella’s mom and told her that my first batch of potential murder victims didn’t pan out.  I’ve decided against what she wants to do but I don’t think telling her that was a good idea.  I’m going to have to figure out something with her.  Carefully.   

Now it’s on to Columbus for a New Ohio Wrestling show.   

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